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We are excited to announce the launch of our first major rebranding project as The Math Creative for Landfair Communities. The site offers a modern approach to web identity, using custom photography and video, a robust real estate listing and filtering section, SEO-friendly copy and powerful Content Management System.

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4. Mashing up the Internet, ThruYou

Here’s an example of The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational Internet.

If you’ve ever searched YouTube for demonstrations of music gear or techniques, you know that you can pretty much find anything. Within the past few weeks, Israeli musician Kutiman emerged with a project that, by forwarding it to only 20 of his friends, has now been raging around the ‘Net like wildfire.

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3. Pepsi asks, “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”

After launching their new Tropicana rebranding effort in early January, Pepsi has announced that they will revert back to their prior packaging design next month. The decision came after a deluge of public criticism over the new package design’s stark departure from the original design by Sterling Brands from just a couple years ago.

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2. A Meaningful Flash Experience

Full-blown conceptual websites written in the Adobe Flash Platform have been around for awhile. But some question whether these sites are actually good at conveying a message to users. Instead of content, many of these sites are designed with their technology in mind. Can a Flash website provide a meaningful experience?

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1. The Tale of The Math Creative

The story of our name began with a list of several hundred possible names, bequeathed onto us by an old mountain sage.

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